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Toxic Mold Removal

Black toxic mold usually grows hidden behind walls, above the ceiling or below the floor. Our black toxic mold inspectors use tools such as a hygrometer to measure humidity, fiber optics to look into wall cavities and moisture meters to find potential areas for black toxic mold growth.

Toxic mold exposure claims can be divided into several categories. The first is toxic mold growth in the home as a result of water intrusion into the home due to construction or design defects. The second would be toxic mold growth caused by unforeseen incidents, such as burst water pipes or damage caused by a storm. The excessive moisture can cause the growth of toxic mold.

Toxic mold removal can be a stressful experience, especially when homeowners receive conflicting information and varying quotes from mold remediation contractors. Knowledgeable homeowners understand the importance of selecting a contractor who is focused on safety in order to minimize residents’ exposure to mold spores as well as the chemicals that are used during the remediation process.

Types of Mold :

  • Stachybotrys is the infamous black mold that made the news in association with ill health effects many years ago. It needs a very damp area to grow, and is considered a Hazard Class A mould, as it can create toxins. It looks black on surfaces.

  • Alternaria appears as a black or grey colored mold that can grow in wet or dusty areas. It is classified as a Hazard Class B mould, and has been known to cause various allergic reactions.

  • Aspergillus is another common mold. Aspergillus is generally classified as a Hazard Class A or B as this type of mold causes allergic reactions or infections in people with weak immune systems.

TCWRC Mold Removal can properly remove toxic molds and their spores from your living and working environments properly and safely the first time.

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