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Mold can be the result of a flood or water damage left after a fire, burst water pipes, backed up sewage and other plumbing as well as the more common mishaps of overflowing tubs, sinks and household appliances. If this happens you should contact the professionals at the TCWRC Mold Removal Service. They are experts at cleaning mold and mold removal and can perform mold testing to determine the extent of the damage.

Even if you’re able to dry things out, mold can grow in those out of the way places in your home that you never see including under the flooring, behind the baseboard and wallboard, in the ceiling if you’ve had roof damage and even on your personal items Mold removal is not always possible and a knowledgeable TCWRC Mold Removal Service will be able to advise you on what is salvagable and what you should dispose of.

It’s important to remember that once mold gets a foot-hold in a home, it can become a major health concern. Long term exposure to certain types of molds, particularly what is commonly called black mold, has been linked to some very serious health problems. Using over the counter mold removers or chlorine bleach will not be effective in ridding your home of black mold. Removing the dangerous mold is a task that requires a certified and reputable contractor. It requires careful handling when coming in contact with the substance. Using every precaution available, full body suit, a respiratory mask, eye protection and gloves must be worn when removing the mold. There are numerous products than can be applied to remove the substance. Your contractor will discuss the proper procedure for your individual needs.

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